31 Jan 2022

Rector’s Announcement No 4/2022

Announcement No. 4/2022
of the Rector of the Medical University of Silesia
in Katowice
of 27th January 2022

 Regarding the safety rules applicable to the winter examination session of the 2021/2022 academic year

Dear Students/Doctoral Students of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

I would like to remind you that the winter examination session in the academic year 2021/2022 should be conducted in accordance with the sanitary regime standards related to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Basic rules for the exam.

  1. Students who are in isolation, quarantine, or exhibiting signs of respiratory infection may not take the exam. Students with signs of respiratory infection will not be allowed in the exam room.
  2. The maximum number of people in an exam depends on the size of the exam room assuming that examinees occupy every 2nd It is suggested that exam rooms assume ½ occupancy of the room.
  3. Outerwear should be left in the locker room.
  4. Only examinees and those conducting or organizing the exam should be outside the examination room.
  5. The student shall identify himself/herself to those administering the examination.
  6. Individuals waiting for an exam in an enclosed room must maintain social distance and use personal protective equipment. If possible, they should wait their turn outdoors without congregating.
  7. Each person is required to disinfect their hands before entering the exam room. In the examination hall, students are required to cover their mouth and nose with a mask (disinfectants and masks will be available at the door).
  8. All forms, answer sheets or tests will be handed out by the examiners, wearing masks and disposable gloves only. After the exam, the examinee will return the form, sign the attendance list, and leaves the room.
  9. Students bring their own pen or pencil (depending on arrangements with the instructor).
  10. Questions related to the conduct of the exam or the communication of a deteriorating health condition, examinees signal the examiners by raising their hand.
  11. In case of observing any suspicious symptoms in a student during the examination, the chairperson of the Examination Team may interrupt the examination. These circumstances are recorded in the examination protocol, with the personal data of the examinee and the reason for the examination interruption, and the person is directed to the prepared isolation room.
  12. In rooms where it is possible to ventilate the rooms, it is proposed to perform this activity after each exam (about 10 minutes). In rooms where it is not possible to ventilate, it is proposed to open the doors wide (about 20 minutes).

The candidates, as well as the persons organizing and conducting the exam are obliged to follow the above guidelines and sanitary guidelines contained in regulations issued by: GIS and the PROCEDURE ON SAFETY PRINCIPLES IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THE DACTICATION PROCESS AND RESEARCH ACTIVITIES.

Link to procedure:  http://sum.edu.pl/aktualnosci-i-komunikaty-swp/komunikaty-wiadomosci/komunikaty-koronawirus/13925-procedura-w-sprawie-zasad-bezpieczenstwa-podczas-realizacji-procesu-dydaktycznego-i-dzialalnosci-naukowo-badawczej