Welcome to the dedicated page for our esteemed internarional Alumni! We take immense pride in their achievements and wish to share their inspiring stories with you. This section aims not only to showcase our alumni’s experiences during their time at Medical University of Silesia, but also to highlight the brilliant medical careers they have built after leaving our institution.

Our Alumni are invaluable ambassadors, representing the values and standards of our University across the globe. Their experiences, successes, and contributions to the medical community stand as a testament to the foundation laid by Medical University of Silesia for excellence in the fields of medicine.

We invite you to explore the stories of our alumni and discover how Medical University of Silesia has contributed to their paths to professional success. Let’s celebrate their achievements together and let them serve as inspiration for future generations of students!

If you are our graduate and you wish to share your story, please contact Kasia Magiera at kmagiera@sum.edu.pl


Jennifer Cushman, MD, Graduate of 2012

I had a great experience as a medical student at the Medical University of Silesia. This Medical University provided me a great academic environment to learn and grow as a new physician in training and prepare me for the future in my career in interventional pain management.  I enjoyed my core medicine training as well as my clinical hospital rotations. I also valued the extensive culture and opportunity to learn the Polish language as part of my training program. As a physician resident in NYC, I had the opportunity to communicate to many patients in Polish. I also am grateful to all the mentors and research opportunities provided by the University.

Besides being a current Fellow at an ACGME approved program in pain management currently, I also serve as active elected delegate for the Medical State Society of NY and serve as co-chair of the Legislative Committee of NY Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I was also inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society while a PGY-2 Resident at Montefiore Hospital-Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx NY.


Ian Kurland, MD, Graduate of 2021

As a medical student at the Medical University of Katowice, my journey toward becoming a doctor was both challenging and enlightening. In histology, I was fascinated by the intricate structures of cells and tissues, thanks to the expertise of professors, who made the subject come alive with their passion and deep knowledge.

In physiology, I delved into the mechanisms underlying human body functions, guided by professors who not only explained complex concepts, but also encouraged critical thinking and scientific inquiry.

Biochemistry classes were a blend of theory and practical application, led by professors who demystified biochemical processes and their relevance to human health with clarity and enthusiasm.

Anatomy sessions were perhaps the most intense, as we meticulously dissected cadavers under the guidance of experienced mentors, who emphasized precision, respect and the profound responsibility that comes with studying the human body in such detail.

During clinical rotations, I had the privilege of learning from seasoned doctors who generously shared their expertise, clinical wisdom, and compassion. Each patient encounter was a lesson in empathy, communication, and the holistic approach to patient care.

Through it all, my experience at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice medicine, but also instilled in me a deep sense of duty, humility, and reverence for the profession.