Our university offers a 6 months practical training (staż) for our graduates.

Internship is placed in hospitals of Medical University of Silesia. 

To provide the best quality of training the trainees are divided into 2-person groups.

After the training, you receive a certificate of completion which should be send to the Ministry of Health within 3 months. A positive decision of the Minister is equivalent to the fulfillment of the postgraduate internship required in the procedure for obtaining the doctor’s license in Poland. 

The start date of the next edition of the internship will be announced on the University’s website probably in the second quarter of 2024.


Here’s some more information on practical training:

  • Internship can be done within 2 years of graduating. Meaning, if you graduate in June 2024, you need to complete the whole internship no later than June 2026.
  • The practical training takes 6 months to complete.
  • Limit of the number of participants is 20. The fee for internship is 45,000 PLN.
  • The Recruitment Committee will create a ranking list. The order of placing candidates on the ranking list will be determined by the arithmetic average of grades obtained during their studies, and in the case of identical averages for two or more candidates, the date of completion of studies will take precedence, with priority given to those who completed their studies earlier.
  • Only those individuals from the ranking list who have no outstanding obligations, including financial obligations to the University, will be allowed to proceed to the second stage of the recruitment process.
  • The basis for taking up the internship is concluding a contract with SUM, obtaining a medical certificate issued by a doctor authorized to conduct preventive examinations that there are no health contradictions for the training, concluding a third party liability insurance and accident insurance for the duration of the training, paying the fees related to the training before its commencement (at least 2 weeks before the starting date of staż).