03 Feb 2023

Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of ZUS

Dear Students,

This is to let you know that by December 30th 2022 all ZUS contribution payers were obliged to create a profile on Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of ZUS.

This applies as well to foreign students who have their profiles as contribution payers in ZUS, as they are subjected to health insurance based on agreements with NFZ (National Health Fund).

Below you will find the instructions how to register to PUE portal:

  1. Open zus.pl and click [ZAREJESTRUJ W PUE] button.
  2. Choose for whom you want to create a profile – you can choose between: register as a private person; register as an entrepreneur or register as a company. Registration forms differ slightly depending on the chosen profile. In case you choose a registration form for an entrepreneur NIP number (tax identification number) is required to be provided.
  3. Choose your registration method:
  4. through www.login.gov.pl portal (trusted ePUAP profile, e-ID card, e-banking);
  5. through a qualified electronic signature verified by means of a qualified certificate;
  • through e-banking. Make sure that your bank provides the service with ZUS (you can check it on www.zus.pl);
  1. by completing a form yourself.
  2. In case you register through login.gov.pl portal, through a qualified electronic signature or through e-banking methods, some data in a form will complete automatically. Those methods allow to confirm your identity as well. If you choose one of the above mentioned methods you do not have to visit ZUS in person.
  3. In case you use a registration form and click button (do rejestracji), complete all the mandatory fields. Within 7 days of registration you are obliged to confirm your identity in a chosen ZUS facility or during e-visits. During e-visit remember to have with you your id card or passport.

Should you require more information:

  1. Check http://www.zus.pl – detailed information available in the latest news tab dated Oct 10th, 2022;
  2. Call our helpline +22 560 16 00. The helpline is available from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am to 6:00 pm;
  3. Choose e-visit. Detailed information is available on: http://www.zus.pl/e-wizyta.