08 Jan 2021

National COVID-19 Immunization Program in Poland – UPDATE!

UPDATE on 7 January 2021
Vaccination against COVID-19 under stage “O”

Until January 10, 2021 the possibility to apply for vaccination against COVID-19 has been extended for interested students, PhD students of all employees, including administrative, technical, auxiliary, etc. – regardless of the form of employment.
Please be reminded that the application should be made through the electronic form available on the SUM website. The subscriber will receive feedback with confirmation of receipt of the application to SUM.
At the same time, referring to the numerous questions that the University received in connection with the SUM’s application to nodal hospitals of people expressing willingness to be vaccinated against COVID-19, below we present the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question 1
Why, despite my declaration of vaccination against COVID-19, I did not receive e-referral?
Declarations, submitted by students, PhD students and employees of the University by 23.12.2020, were handed over to the nodal hospitals to generate e-referral.
Therefore, issuing the referral for the vaccination remains independent of the University. SUM does not have any information about the fact of issuing a referral to individual persons. It is possible to check whether the referral was generated by logging into the Patient’s Internet Account.

Question 2
What does the “Vaccination point (9600)” stands for at the e-referral?
The “Vaccination Point (9600)” is a departmental code of the Vaccination Point in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 17 May 2012 on the system of departmental identification codes and the detailed method of their assignment. It is not the address location of the vaccination site / hospital.

Question 3
What are the vaccination deadlines?
The University reported nearly 4400 students, 628 employees and 30 PhD students to 45 nodal hospitals, which are responsible for further organization of vaccinations, including notification of the reported persons about the date of vaccination. The University has no information about vaccination dates in individual hospitals. The COVID-19 vaccination schedule is determined by the nodal hospital which contacts the notified persons to set the vaccination date.
Due to the distribution of vaccines to individual hospitals responsible for the implementation of vaccination, any questions about the timing of the vaccination, the dosage, the type of preparation, the method of administration of the vaccine, should be addressed directly to vaccination coordinators in nodal hospitals – the coordinator’s contact data should be available on the hospitals’ websites.

Question 4
Which nodal hospital was I assigned to for vaccination?
Due to the very short deadline for submitting previous applications, students were assigned to SUM clinical hospitals, taking into account the location of the Faculty and the number of applications. Due to organizational reasons, the PhD students were assigned to the Górnośląskie Centrum Medyczne im. prof. Leszka Gieca SUM in Katowice (Katowice, Ziołowa 45/47)
The verification of the nodal hospital to which the declared student, doctoral student or declared SUM employee in Katowice has been assigned can be done through the form: https://forms.sum.edu.pl/szpital (to use the form to verify the hospital, you must be logged in / have a proxy set up).
English-speaking students are and will continue to be informed to which nodal hospital they were assigned to for vaccinate against COVID-19, via e-mail in the Dean’s system.

Question 5
Is it possible to change the nodal hospital to which I was assigned?
YES, but on your own. In this case, you should inform the coordinator of the nodal hospital to which you have been assigned. University does not deal with individual requests to change the location of vaccinations.

Please be encouraged to read also the questions and answers provided under the link https://www.gov.pl/web/szczepimysie/pytania-i-odpowiedzi
In addition, any substantive questions can be directed to the helpline: 989