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Admission process

Dear Candidates,

In order to apply for admission to the Medical University of Silesia you please submit your complete application to the following address:

Medical University of Silesia

School of Medicine in Katowice

Admission Office
ul. Medykow 18
40-752 Katowice, Poland


Deadline to submit applications for fall admission in the academic year 2017/2018 is 2 weeks prior to the date of entrance examination but not later than September 6, 2017 the latest. Please find detail admission schedule here.

Candidates who graduated from high school can apply for admission to the 6-year program. They are required to submit the following documents:
1)   original or notarized copy of high school diploma with the statement proving that the high school diploma you were awarded upon your graduation authorizes you to study at any type of the university in a country your diploma was issued,
2)   original copy of high school transcript (applies to candidates who completed high school outside Poland),
3)   application form,
4)   xerox copy of an identification document certified for compliance with the original document,
5)   3 photos,
6)   xerox copy of birth certificate,
7)   health certificate confirming no objections to take up medical studies,
8)   certificate documenting English language fluency level as specified in Appendix No 1 to terms and procedures of admission (applies only to candidates from countries with a native language other than English who at the same time did not complete education at previous school in English language)
9)   receipt of registration fee payment in the amount of 85 PLN - account number

Candidates who graduated from or attended pre-medical or paramedical college can apply for transfer to third year of the 6-year program. They are expected to hand in all documents mentioned above and:

10)   original copy of premedical or paramedical college transcript,
11)  original or notarized copy of premedical or paramedical college diploma (applies to candidates who graduated from college),

12)  official document stating the legal status of college (state/private university, granted accreditation, body accrediting higher education),
13)  document certifying a passing score in MCAT exam (applies to candidates being US citizens, having US nationality or being permanent US residents).


All above documents must be issued in English language. If the original document is issued in another language, a sworn translation into English is required.
All documents should be submitted as hardcopies. We do not accept electronic applications.

Upon satisfactory verification of the above listed admission documents, candidates who apply for medical program will attend an oral examination in English language. The date of the examination will be established by the Admission Committee based on the declaration in the application form.

During the examination candidate’s knowledge will be evaluated in the following fields of study:
1. Students applying for admission to the first year, as per candidate’s choice:
a) biology and chemistry, or
b) biology and physics, or
c) chemistry and physics
on Polish high school level
2. Students applying for transfer to a higher level:
a) undergraduate knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics on the level of first and second years of medical studies in Poland

In order to prepare for the entrance exam you can review the following curriculum:
syllabus for the entrance exam for admission to the 1st year
syllabus for the entrance exam for transfer to the 3rd year

Final result in the oral examination determines candidate’s admission to the English language program.
Candidates will be admitted to the English language program based on a ranking list. Candidate’s position in the ranking list will depend on the oral examination result.

Attention:   Applications submitted after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be considered

Prospective students who would like to apply for accommodation at the Student Dormitory are requested to submit the application for accomodation at the Dean’s Office before September 6, 2017. The order for accommodation may be determined by the distance of student's permananet residence address from the university.

In order to get the confirmation on accommodation please feel free to contact the Student Dormitory Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or +48 32 208 8570.


Terms and procedures of admission

Terms and procedures of admission to the English language medical program
in the academic year 2017/2018
adopted with the Resolution No 33/2017 of the Senate of the Medical University of Silesia
of March 22, 2017




  • Recruiting agency for candidates from USA, Canada and India and anyone holding a US passport or US permanent residency card or dual citizenship which includes USA or Canada - Hope Medical Institute (HMI)

  • Recruiting agency for candidates from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand - Lin's international Consultants Corp

  • Recruiting agency for candidates from scandinavian countires, Spain and Isreal - Bright Management

  • Recruiting agency for candidates from United Kingdom and North Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg may - Adam Kiełpiński Tolles Consulting

  • Recruiting agency for candidates from Gerrmany and Swetzerland - German Students Office 


 Using services of recruiting agency is optional