We offer accommodation for students at the dormitory located on the campus, within a walking distance from the basic science buildings in Katowice-Ligota.

Dormitory buildings located at 26 Medykow Street (7-floor building), and at 24 Medykow Street (8-floor building) offer the following housing conditions:

  • single room priced at 890 PLN per month (regular standard bathrooms)
  • single room priced at 740 PLN per month (lower standard bathrooms)

Dormitory buildings located at 12A Medykow Street (9-floor building / 36 rooms for foreign students) offer the following housing conditions:

Segment consisting of two separate rooms with a shared bathroom and a hall. Shared kitchens for the entire dormitory are located on every second floor.

  • single room priced at 800 PLN per month
  • single room priced at 1000 PLN per month

Internet is accessible in all rooms.

Student Dormitory Regulations

Application for accommodation



Prospective students who would like to apply for accommodation at the Student Dormitory are requested to submit the application for summer semester at the Dean’s Office before February 18, 2019The order for accommodation may be determined by the distance of student’s permanent residence address from the university.

In order to get the confirmation on accommodation please feel free to contact the Student Dormitory Office at bursa@sum.edu.pl or +48 32 208 8570.

Before accommodation is made each student will be charged the deposit fee equal to 2 months’ rent payable to the university bank account.

Rent fee, payable to the University bank account, should be paid in advance for summer semester: March, April, May, June (payment deadline – March 1st).

University bank account details:

Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach
ul. Poniatowskiego 15
40-055 Katowice

ING Bank Śląski
Oddział Regionalny w Katowicach
ul. Mickiewicza 3
40-055 Katowice

Account number: PL 40 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 9103



Student Dormitory contact information:
phone: +48 (32) 2088 570
email: bursa@sum.edu.pl